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Santa Titus spinning at Charmarie Photography Studios
Charlotte, NC

Santa Titus!!!


Since 2019, the vision to "catalyze smiles and sow seeds of hope for all generations" remains the same. We continue our mission to "add value, joy and cheer to all of our clients' holiday festivities!!!" Santa Titus is a seasoned and experienced Santa. He is a graduate of the Northern Lights Santa Academy, a board member of the Santas of Color Coaltion and a member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. He has made the national news, launched the Santa Titus virtual experience and graced U.S. events from the East Coast to the West Coast. He is the Santa to celebrities such as Nick Cannon, Brittany Bell and Lala Milan. He is a "champion of giving!" Santa Titus believes 1) The season for giving never stops!; 2) Jesus is Lord of All; and 3) Better should always be your goal! Please follow @HopTheBlackSanta on Facebook and Instagram! We also encourage you to visit as we help driven individuals identify their bullseye and map their path to greatER success!!! #BroHoHo loves you!!!

Spreading Holiday Cheer from coast to coast

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Join the movement to Catalyze A Million Smiles!!!
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Mean'ole Covid Didn't Stop Us!!!

Santa Titus is scheduling guest appearances with photographers, child development centers, schools, youth organizations, and businesses. We are grateful for everyone who has joined the movement to help catalyze a million smiles, we thank you!!! Thanks also to the WCNC News Channel. Please take a quick moment and view the national news story!

Santa Titus' computer will be fully charged! His "zoom room" is updated and ready. Would you prefer a virtual visit? If so we are ready to facilitate virtual sessions. You can book your virtual session right through our website. Be sure to check back and see when the 2023 virtual holiday visits start. 

WCNC News Interview
(Press Play)

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